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Media heroes has made it easy to create fabulous content and connect with the media and blogs in less than 10 minutes.

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    Synchronize your content with your favorite platform

    Connect your content with media and blogs like WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr and many more

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    No more struggling with manual and time consuming procedures

    Manage your content strategy in a glance with our connecter
    Integrate third party systems and manage everything under one roof

Focus on content alone


With Media Heroes, it is now easy to publish relevant content, curate articles, and keep track of your sources.

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    A simple and useful tool dedicated to content professionals

    Content manager, blogger, Community Manager, Copy Writer, Brand Editor

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    A perfect tool

    Enhance and bring more quality to your content

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    A simple Dashboard to manage your content and editorial strategy

    Our suggestion features bring relevant media and blogs right to you

Media Heroes Key Features

Media heroes offers ideal functionalities that will fully satisfy your content marketing and creation needs.

Image suggestions feature

Save time on picture research, we’ll do the job

Social media sharing ?

Keep your friends closer with our social media integrated tool

Guest blogging system

Find your best match and allow guest bloggers to find you

Secured connexion

No need to code, you log in, write, and publish everything in one place

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